Artist Gems

Artist Gems offers workshops, classes, and can provide a fun activity at your party!

Make Your Own Perfume

Learn all about essential oil perfumes, plants, flowers, and how low, middle, and top notes make up a full-bodied perfume. Each workshop participant mixes several perfumes before deciding on which one is their favorite. They get to take home a bottle of their very own custom perfume. Gemstones that participants select themselves are carefully placed inside the bottle to help mix the perfume when shaken gently, and, as a bonus, the gems impart an energetic balance!

"Great informational and fun class that allowed us to blend and experiment while learning about the scents/oils. Would definitely recommend." - Nicole


Essential Oils

Robin says "Make your own perfume was fun, exciting and educational. Brenda was knowledgeable, helpful, and very patient as we explored the different smells along the way. At the end of the class I am leaving with a perfume I am proud of and looking forward to doing it again.

Make a Custom Gemstone Bracelet Workshop

Bracelets can be strung by you according to
(1) your birthstone, (2) your astrological sign
or (3) a unique combination that fits you energetically.



Perfume and bracelet workshops at your very own party!

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